Anjali Ashram

Chamundi Hill Road, Mysore - 570011. Phone No - (91)(821)2979226

Swami Amalorananda (Fr. D.S.Amalorpavadass) Founder, Acharya - Guru (1979 - 1990)

Anjali Ashram as a power-house of the Spirit

Down the centuries, Ashrams have been spiritual power houses and seats of great movements for
  • Social reform
  • Cultural Renaissance
  • Religious Renewal and Vitality
  • Political struggle and liberation
Anjali Ashram plays a similar role.
Here all are received with 'anjali'.
The Ashram has no gates and makes no distinctions between caste, sex, color or race.
Seekers from all faiths are welcome for a spiritual experience.

Objectives of Anjali Ashram

  • To Build a truly ecumenical and multi-religious community
  • To promote a living of an Authentic Indian Spirituality
  • To Share through Inter-Religious-Ideological Dialogue
  • To Contribute to building up a truly interdepartmental approach
  • To work for justice, liberation thrust and community education
  • To Train and form leaders chiefly from among the laity
  • To serve people for an alternate life-style
This Vision is formulated, lived and is expressed in the layout of the ashram.

Layout of 10 Acres Campus
Anjali Ashram is privileged to be able to accommodate as many as 100 seekers at a time for a simple life and God-Experience.
The Architecture is simple, modest, utilitarian and aesthetic at the same time.
Each building is modeled after a deep spiritual concept, here you will find buildings in the shape of Om, Chinese Yin Yang, Star Shaped buildings and individual cottages arranged in beautiful formations.
The Sat Sanga Mantap near the entrance invites the god-seekers to be in harmony with the nature and to be in communion with all, beyond all differences.
The Atma Purna Nivas where the ashram inmates live welcomes the Sadaka to become an integrated person.
The Sat Cit Ananda Mandir symbolizes the convergence of all religions into the o­ne Reality.
On different days, the 3 daily meditations are held at different places within the ashram filled with the holy vibrations of countless seekers.

The Logo of Anjali Ashram
Anjali Ashram welcomes with anjali (hands with flowers)
all visitors as sadhakas (seekers) and as messengers from the other world.
It is in Anjali before the Lord through mauna and kirtana throughout the day and the year.
The object of our relentless quest in non-stop movement and of our spiritual experience is
The Ultimate reality (Sat) which is pure consciousness (Cit) and supreme bliss (Ananda).
It is a Trinitatian experience of the Father (held-up palm, abbaya mudra),
the Son (held-down palm, vara mudra) and the Holy spirit (the flame between the two).
As the Mahamantra AUM resounds in the macro and micro universes (the world and the heart)
Anjali ashram is vibrant with Peace (Om Santi) due to the hundreds of persons here in upasana,
in the Spirit, o­n the ground of their being, in stillness and silence!

Daily Time-Table

Swami Gnanajyothi (Fr. A.Louis)
Present Acharya Guru
4.30 Rising (bath, yoga and personal prayer, etc.)
5.30 Pratah Samdhya, Arati followed by dhyana
6.30 Celebration of the Eucharist (Indian style Mass)
7.30 Breakfast
8.00 Ashram Seva 1
10.30 Spiritual Discourse 1 (During Programs)
12.00 Madhyan Samdhya
12.30 Lunch, Rest, Study
3.30 Tea
4.00 Ashram Seva 2
4.30 Spiritual Discourse 2 (During Programs)
6.30 Saayam Samdhya - bhajans, readings, dhyana
7.30 Dinner
8.15 Satsangh
9.00 Personal Study / prayer
10.00 Retire to Bed

Sister Mariella
Disciple of Swami Amalorananda

The Documents for the cause of Beatification of Rev. Fr. Duraisamy Simon Amalorpavadass was sent by the Archbishop of Pondicherry-Cuddalore through the Nuncio to Rome. It is under scrutiny by the curia of Christian Doctrine.

The important books of Fr. D.S.Amalorpavadass have been sent through the Prefect of the congregation for the cause of Saints to the Prefect of the congregation of Christian Doctrine for obtaining Nihil Obstat for the cause, on the 25th November 2016 by the Postulator (Prot.No. 3269 1/16.)

An update of the cause is sent by the Postulator on the eighth of December 2017 through the Nuncio to Rome on the second year of the cause December 08, 2015 – December , 08, 2017.

Anjali Ashram is at the service of the seekers, by offering Atma Purna Anubhava and Brahma Sakshatkara and other experiences

Calendar for 2021
January 04 - 24 : Triple Experience (Gnana, Bhakti, Karma)
Feburary 01 - 10 : Atma Purna Anubhava (APA 252)
March April Mar 28 - Apr 04 : Holy Week Experience
May 17 - 26 : Atma Purna Anubhava (APA 253)
July 05 - 14 : Atama Purna Anubhava (APA 254)
August 09 - 18 : Atma Purna Anubhava (255)
September 06 - 15 : Atma Purna Anubhava (APA 256)
October 04 - 13 : Atma Purna Anubhava (APA 257)
November 08 - 17 : Atma Purna Anubhava (APA 258)

Note : Voluntary seekers are invited to plan ahead, choose the Date and the experience, correspond through mail and Confirm your participation.
The Atma Purna Anubhava begins always with the evening samdhya on the arrival day at 6.30 p.m. Hence all are requested to be in the ashram by 5.00 p.m
The anubhava ends with noon samdhya and lunch at 1.00 p.m on the last day.
The Experience of Indian Christian Spirituality (ICS) is called Atma Purna Anubhava(APA)
BSA is for those who have participated in APA and are paractising sadhana, BSA may be applied for by those who practice APA regularly and want to have a deeper God Experience.

  • Ashram is a spiritual quest within a person or a community
  • Ashram is a movement beyond all the visible to the invisible
  • Ashram is for all with a quest for a meaningful life
  • Individual seekers along with one or two seekers of other faith are preferred this year to a group of Formees
  • A serious seeker will participate in the whole experience in deep silence with a simple lifestyle.
  • Kindly correspond and arrange your experience in advance through postal correspondence only, not through phone.
  • To Reach Anjali via Jockey quarters, JC Nagar, Town Bus (201) and autos are available.

Om Shanti

Atma Purna Anubhava Rs : 250/=
Brahms Sakshatkara Anubhava Rs : 250/=
India Seeking God Rs : 150/=
The Destiny of the Church in India Rs : 200/=
Indian Christian Guru
(A Portrait of Swami Amalorananda)
Rs : 400/=


Om Bhur Bhuvas Svah
Tat savitur varenyam
Bhargo devasya dhimahi
Dhiyo yo nah prachodayat
May the Creator God
Whose splendor we contemplate
as radiant o­n earth, sky and heaven
stimulate our intellect
(or illuminate our inner self)

Tvameva matha cha pita tvameva
Tvameva bandhu cha sakha tvameva
Tvameva vidya dravinam tvameva
Tvameva sarvam mama deva deva
You are my mother and father
You are my friend and relative
You are my wisdom and wealth
You are my everything & my God.

Dhyana moolam Guror murti
Pooja moolam Guru Padam
Mantra moolam Guru Vakyam
Moksha moolam Guru Kripa
The basis of my meditation
Is the image of my Guru
That of my worship his feet
I derive my mantra from his Word
My salvation through his grace.

Antarjyoti bahirjyoti
Pratyagjyoti paratparah
Jyoti Jyoti swayamjyoti
Atmajyoti sivosmyaham
Inner lustre, outer lustre
The o­ne lustre, greater than the great
Lustre of lustre, self-effulgent lustre
Self-effulgence, Auspiciousness o­ne I am.

Om sarve bhavantu sukhinah
Sarve santu niramayah
Sarve bhadrani pashyantu
Ma kashidukh bhagbhavet
May all be happy
May all be healthy
May all experience good things
But never bad things

Asato ma sadgamaya
Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya
Mrityor ma amritam gamaya
From the unreal lead me to the real
From darkness lead me to light
From death lead me to immortality

Sabka mangal (2)
Sabka mangal hoi re
Jan Jan mangal (2)
Jan Jan sukiya hoi re
Is darathi ke har ek prani
Sabka mangal hoi re (2)
Tapo bhuvan ke sabi tapas
Sabka mangal hoi re (2)
May all have well-being
May every human person
Have well-being and happiness
May every living creature
Of this earth have well-being
May all the rishis and munis
Have well-being
Om dyaun santi
Antharikshan santi
Prithvi santi
Apah santi
Aushadayah santi
Vishve devah santi
Visve nara santi
Brahma santi, sarvan santi
Santireva santi
Sama santireadhi
Om santi, santi, santi !
Let there be peace of the sky
Peace of mid-regions
Peace of the earth
Peace of water
Peace of plants
Peace of all the celestial powers
Peace of all human persons
Peace of God and peace of all
May this peace be with you
and with me
Om peace, peace, peace !